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We were all taught when we get out of high school or college was to “get a good job, get married, have 2 ½ kids, save some money, stay out of debt and then if possible, buy a home!”  Well then let me ask you, how’s that working for you? How do you purchase a home and stay out of debt?

From the very start we are set up for failure!  Does it make any sense to have $100,000 in school loan debt then buy a house that will take you 1/3rd of your life-time to pay off?  It is a known fact that most homeowners only stay in a home around 8-years before they sell it.  Then what do most people do?  They take those proceeds and buy another home and put another 30-year mortgage on it and the cycle starts all over again!  We are taught to do the same thing with cars as well.  This is just one reason most people always have house and car payments most of their lives and never get out of debt!
Attached is a video tour of one of my homes where I talk about:

  • Never again, "go with your hat in your hand" and beg for or qualify for a mortgage!

  • Never again, use a credit (FICO) score for a loan!

  • Never again, prove up financials for 'any' loan, especially on your house!

  • Never again, prove up a job history!

  • Never again, make the house payments out of YOUR personal income!

  • Never again, use a dime of your own money!

  • Get 'Paid' a multi-six figure income to live in your house!

Three times a year, I invite a small group of the most highly motivated achievers to join me at my “Majestic View Mansion” where I ‘personally’ spend 4-days teaching them how to make their biggest and most ambitious dream a reality.  This is the most intricate “one-on-one” training ever offered by anyone in the real estate investment business!  You cannot learn this in any “Nothing Down” course, real estate seminar or through any college! These Achievers learn what only the top 3% know!

If you are going to live in your “Dream Home”...get paid to live there!
So many people know that real estate is one of the fastest ways to create wealth, but few have any idea how that is done!  You ‘can’ make a fortune in real estate, but you also can lose your shirt if you do not know what you are doing!  Yes—there are ‘secrets’ to being successful, but very few know them; that is why they call them, “secrets!” 

When I wrote my “Best Selling” book, “40 Unbreakable Laws of Money,” I had found there were financial Laws in place that if you broke or did not follow them, you would fail at the money game!

“Isn’t it interesting that most of us were taught nothing in high school or college about the one thing we spend the rest of our lives attempting to master—and that is a thing called ‘Money!”

Just know that “high-end” real estate projects are in an entirely different market rarely succumbing to the tremendous fluctuations of the “bread and butter” single home market and economy.

Who told you that you had to have a college degree to become wealthy?

Who told you that you had to save money for a down payment to buy a house?

Who told you that you had to qualify for a car loan and make payments?

Who told you that you had to work for someone else the rest of your life?

Who told you that you could never control your schedule or your destiny?

Who told you that you couldn’t live a high-end life style?

Who told you that you had to be in debt the rest of your life?

Who told you that you couldn’t buy what you wanted on the menu or at grocery store!

Who told you…?  Who told you…? Who told you…? 


Have you ever heard of a wealthy person/developer going to a bank with their “hat in hand,” their credit report under one arm, their personal financial statements and job history under the other arm begging for a $100-million dollar loan to build a hotel or office tower?  The answer is Never! Everyone knows that is not how it is done—but very few have ever learned that secret!  Isn’t it interesting that I have never had ‘anyone’ get that question wrong! You cannot think and do the same things you have always done!  You must think and do things differently to become financially independent and build wealth!

“Wealth has very little to do with money—It is about ‘applied knowledge’ and your mindset!”    Wayne Wakefield

Knowledge by itself is useless!  There are a lot of very smart and knowledgeable people out there that are “busted and disgusted!”  It has always been about “Applied Knowledge!”  You Must be trained and ‘Mentored’ when it comes to money and real estate—It isn’t just about purchasing a piece of real estate, anyone can do that!  It is about applying what you have been taught so you can set yourself up for the rest of your life, BUT YOU MUST BE WILLING TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET!

Everyone has known or heard of people that win the lottery or inherit millions of dollars just to find out most ended up filing Bankruptcy within 3 to 5-years…Why? “If you are not trained-up in money, money will flow through your fingers like sand from the seashore!” The same holds true with real estate!

 Success is never an accident nor does it fall on you like ‘Pixy Dust!’  Success requires Specific Expertise, Vision, then a Plan followed by Action!’

If you want to know where you are at in the success chain?  Just ask yourself the following question(s):

  • “If you are as successful financially in the next 12-months as you were in the last 12-months…where are you a going to be?”

  • “If you are as successful saving money in the next 12-months as you were in the last 12-months…where are you a going to be?”

  • “If you are as successful in achieving your dreams in the next 12-months as you were in the last 12-months… where are you a going to be?”

  • “If you are as successful in your marriage, with your kids, with your spiritual walk… in the next 12-months as you were in the last 12-months…where are you a going to be?”

You must know where you are—“at all times!”  The question(s) above are what I call “Revelatory Questions!”  You must learn to apply this question to everything you do in business, financially and most important…in your personal life; they are all one!
Again, it isn’t just about becoming financially independent in high-end real estate; it is about changing you and your family’s life for generations to come!
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The tuition at a regular college is around $10,000 to $15,000 per semester not including books and housing if that is a factor.  The higher end colleges average around $50,000.  This is one reason that so many students are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt when they graduate! 

One major problem in this new work environment is that many students did not major in a field that is marketable or in demand.  The jobs that are in demand are now inundated by thousands of graduates competing for that same job!  Many cannot find a job they went to college for so they work a remedial job or remain unemployed and just go back and live with their parents. This is why the “Labor Force Participation Rate” is has been declining since 2000!

My question is, “What does spending $15,000 for one semester in college do toward preparing you for that dream job?”  I am a serious advocate when it comes to education!  With that said, I am only an advocate for what is called, “Vocational Training!”  This is training that is in a specific field.  If you are going to be a doctor you would go to medical school, if an attorney…law school and the like.  If you have a specific passion for a particular career, then you should focus on only that until you become proficient and successful in that field.

My Real Estate Academy Institute is “Vocational Training” at its finest.  You will learn how to:

  • Find that special property that can set you up for life!
  • Recognize the “Don’t-Wanters” out there!
  • Fund your project without ever qualifying for a loan or using any of your own money!
  • Structure your project in such a way to not only protect it…but protect you personally as well!
  • Never make a payment out of your personal money!
  • Use the federal tax code to be in your favor and not the other way around!
  • Find the money for any project—MONEY IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO YOU, YOU JUST DON’T KNOW IT!
  • Purchase real estate, cars, boats and airplane and get someone else to pay for it!
  • Be the Buyer and the Seller of your own property!
  • Be the lender and the borrower!
  • Leverage almost everything you buy!
  • Never take a vacation—but travel the world AND STAY AT YOUR OWN PROPERTIES!
When I founded the Real Estate Academy Institute, my focus was on taking my 33-plus years in the financial services business (25-years in real estate) and Mentoring just those select few that had a burning desire to invest into themselves, focus on their dream of becoming financially independent and taking control of future! 

I Mentor my students “Personally” for one year beyond the 4-day class because I want them to “win and be successful” with what they have learned!  I wish I would have had someone like me training and speaking into my life when I was younger.  I would have been light-years ahead where I am today if I had a Mentor!  This is one if the greatest differences of my Academy, I Mentor each student for one year or until they complete their first project. This is why I keep my classes to about 15-students. 

You will be prepared to actually purchase your project if you will listen, learn and apply what I have instructed.  In most cases you will need only one project to set yourself up for financial independence.  The one thing I WILL NOT do with you, however—is quit with you!
When you pay your $15,000 tuition you are investing in having a personal Mentor with over 30-years of expertise in the financial services and real estate industry!  I could easily charge more, but I want to make it possible for everyone that who is serious and dedicated about changing their total financial direction.  Always remember, “It is not just about you!”  It is about all those whom you influence as a parent, friend, partner or business owner.  Knowledge is the one thing that can NEVER be taken from you!


Four-full 10 hr. classroom days with the most unique real estate and business training available, with a reserved fifth day of personal Q&A. Your success is our purpose! A few of the topics we will be exploring together include:
                 -HOW THEY WORK IN BUSINESS.

We are already filling seats so you need to secure your place quickly!  Please complete the form below.  Once your application has been accepted, our staff will help you arrange and secure your hotel reservations.
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MARCH CLASS  Monday March 19th through March 23th, 2018
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Tuition $15,000.00

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